Integrity for Serving The Community

A Leader should listen to the Community that elected them. Everything should be considered when making the right decisions.

Health Care

We need to make cost affordable and allow everyone the ability to get the proper care they need. Our current system needs to be expanded for the common good of every Iowan.

Labor Rights

Hard Work should be respected and Working Class Families shouldn't struggle to get by. Workers should be compensated fairly for their time. No one should have to struggle to make ends meet when they work Full time in Modern America.


Farming The Backbone of Iowa needs to be preserved. Family Farmers need to be respected and honored for the work they do to feed America. 


We need to protect The Water we drink, The Air we breath, and The Land we live on with proper policy in place. A policy that doesn't overstep or miss the mark. 


Iowa has always been know for having Great Schools, but lately we have been lacking. We need to make sure every Student and Facility has the resources they need to train and educate for the Future.